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Harris and Brett on the balcony at The Caribbean Club

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Visual Storytelling with Audio

Last week I assisted for one of the best instructors, and for one of the best classes of my experience here at SFPW. It was called Visual Storytelling with Audio with Bob Sacha. View his blog here. He is the multimedia Producer at the Emmy and Webby Award winning production studio MediaStorm in NYC. It was a class that focuses more on capturing audio, and getting good interviews to combine with photos, to create a thought provoking short story. Most people came in having the basic concepts and personal style with photography, so we concentrated on learning the software, and what elements make a great multimedia piece. All the participants were amazing, and working for Bob, as I mentioned before, was a highlight of my experience here.

UPDATE: Bob was recently nominated for two national Emmy Awards for work he did in the past year at MediaStorm. Check it out here. Way to go Bob.

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Bob Sacha


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The Class

White Sands

On June 7th was a full moon, so I went to White Sands for the first time. We camped out in the back country which was amazing. The only thing that wasn’t fun was the sand got everywhere.


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We were recently sponsored by Photomatix Pro at the workshops. Since then I have been trying it out, and have to say it’s pretty cool. SOOOO much better than the HDR app in Photoshop.

Here is one I did for an assignment in college. I didn’t really like the result then, but I was just using Photoshop to merge to HDR. This is our across the street neighbor in Galveston,TX, though I’m not sure if it made it through hurricane Ike.

dsc_0106_07_08_09_10_11_12_tonemapped© Cotton Miller

Here is another one that I shot the other day at Jackalope here in Santa Fe. I like HDR images that don’t look over-processed, where the shadows aren’t glowing..

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Full Moon Snowboarding

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Sunday night was the first time to be on a snowboard in four or five years. It was a full moon, so we hiked up to the Quad and rode down, all by moonlight. It was incredible how visible everything was. I could see the contour of the snow perfectly. I felt a little shaky at first, but then picked it back up and shredded down to the bottom like I was born with it.

The Thing

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My buddy Jacob in the Quad at the Santa Fe ski basin. I am inside the lift operator booth, shooting through the foggy windows at f/4.5 @ 30 seconds!! Jacob’s a good sport. I got the shot in just 4 frames, with some alternates that I like as well. Inspired by the 1982 John Carpenter movie “The Thing”, and my Dad for the classic Horror film education of my youth.

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Here are a few prints I made over the summer. This is an alternative process called Zia Type, which renders photo quality results, and the hue of the print can be changed just by altering the amount of each chemical used in the sensitizer.


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